Monster Musume Harem wo Tsukurou!

Monster Musume wo Tsukurou!

Monster Musume wo Tsukurou! (モンスター娘ハーレムを作ろう!), also known as Let’s Make a Monstergirl Harem!, is a webnovel series written by Ikkuiku. At 108 chapters (plus 4 afterwords and 1 profile page), the webnovel series is considered complete as of July 9th, 2014. There are currently no plans for a tankoubon release.


While walking on his normal route home, high-schooler Mikado Tsuchio (御門土雄) suddenly falls into a hole generated under his feet. He wakes to find himself falling into a parallel world, and at mach speed into the deep blue sea! To his luck, he lands on a Grappler Wyvern, which manages to tame. Tsuchio decides to live in his new world, and to make a monstergirl harem while he’s at it!


1. The Fall, The Transfer, and The Clinging

2. The Name, the Battle, and the Flight

3. Regarding Skills, Girls, and Magical Power Quantity

4. Boy Meets Boy?

5. Touring, Arrival Troubles, and Tiring Out

6. The Taming teacher…was that person!

7. Lime, Food, and Magic Class

8. Magic Class (Cont.), Triss’ MP, and Foreign Studies

9. Holiday, Defeating Monsters in the Forest

10. Sparring, Changing, and Feasting

11. Offense, Incantations, Support

12. Two Months Pass, Time for Hands-On Training!

13. Preparation, Movement, In the Forest

14. Adventurers, Annihilation, Profits from Others’ Misfortune

15. Relics, Settlement, Return

16. Waking up, Submission, Report

17. Class, Today is Co-op Tactics.

18. Investigating Dragon and Unicorn Species at the Library

19. Took a trip, Mountain-top Encounters

20. Nursing, Touching, Receiving

21. Returning, Changing, Raising!

22. I Evolved, My Feelings Afterwards, now Who am I?